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***If you use fake pics & scam your clients,  we identify you, and expose you & your phone  # to the World (Wide Web)                                                                                     

We are currently working with a software company who is writing our  search program which is similar to Tineye.com except our search results locate every single ad where a picture appears or ever did appear. We challenge you to compare our search results with Tineye.com or any other picture search software: Search the picture to the left with our software by clicking on it and count how many hits it gets. Then search it on Tineye or another search engine and count the hits it gets. Better yet, click on any picture within this entire website and compare results. We hope to have this software available for your use in the near future so that when you see a picture you like, and want to know who it really is, you can...

video stolen from http://www.misscjmiles.com/
(608) 561-7468 SCAM

872 666 1476 Ts Logan is a complete FRAUD and SCAM using CJ Miles pics and videos

Many pictures stolen from other websites are used by many different escorts throughout the United States. There are pictures in ads that are being used by 10-20 different escorts at any given time. When you search a picture and it comes up with links to many different ads, names and telephone #'s it is always a red flag.

QUESTION: What if there are only 2 different people using the pictures, one of them has to be the real one, right?

ANSWER: you can click on the little green arrow  after the website domain (left) and a drop down window (cached) will appear & you can click on that to see what date that ad appeared on the internet and the first ad to use the pictures is usually the real person. It could also be the same person but after getting many bad reviews decided to change her name & phone #.  Another Red Flag

In the sample to the left you, if you click on that picture, it will bring you to all links where it appears on the internet. That means the frauds who are using it and where it originated from. Many transexual girls steal their pictures from "travestis" or "traviesas"  etc ... trans girls from overseas as is the picture to the left. It is very obvious that the girl from Spain, Italy or Brazil is not in central NJ  for the week giving $100 BJ's. Click the picture to the left  for an example.
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                                         we challenge you to compare our search results against any other picture search software/tineye etc..