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This website identifies scams, namely transsexual escorts who use FAKE and Stolen pictures to lure you in then demand money for making an appt.rob, and assault you. They very often travel in packs and are hiding in the bathroom. This site started because l was robbed and assaulted.
***If you use fake and stolen pics and scam your clients, stay out of NJ because once we identify you, we expose you and your phone # to the World (WideWeb)

I am basically just a young guy on disability due to an injury I incurred while trying to defend myself, while being robbed at a hotel. I have been scammed, robbed and assaulted enough times now that I am fighting back the only way I know how. Nothing I print in this website is false. Everything I print is true, checked and proven with backup links. For the girls who refuse to use your own pictures, perhaps you should consider a job change. For the rest who are simply scamming guys, knowing we have no recourse, well I hope I ruined your day..

This is a non profit website . My goal is to keep this element of criminal out of  NJ. NJ is for the most part a safe and fun place to visit and we will work endlessly to keep the frauds and scammers out of our towns. 

Lately they have been using the entire identities of pornstars, models etc so when you do a search you think it is actually them. They even steal short video clips and post them on backpage. If the Gurl does not state her name or her phone # I wouldn't trust it.If they were legitimate and used their own pictures we would welcome them here.

tsyasminelise 347 664-8007
(347) 664-8007 ts YasminElise  using Fashion model Yasmin Gusmao's pictures stolen from the following websites: www.YasminGusmao.com

*Until they find somewhere else to victimize people we will be reporting them and exposing them.
Bookmark this site to your favorites. Although most ad agencies support us in fighting any criminal behavior, we may not appear on their websites everyday or be up to the minute.
As one line of defense you can c
heck the phone # of an ad of interest against our "Fraud phone #'s"  page the #'s with the **** beside them are the worst offenders under several different names and pictures.

DO NOT get caught up in this scam. Once inside their room /their territory, you are vulnerable. Before putting yourself in that situation be sure that the girl who answers the door is the girl that was in the ad pictures and is alone.

Jack Mehoff says he went to the room and once inside, he could hear people in the bathroom, there was another sleeping in one of the beds and another smoking crack at the desk. Although the girl was ok looking he felt very uncomfortable and wanted to leave but was told by an intimidating man that appeared from the bathroom and blocked his exit  that since he made the appt. he had to pay. .... What would you do???  These people do this all day long and have dealt with every situation under the sun and know that you are scared, and don't want exposure, they are masters of separating you from your money,  We don't want to advise you on what to do because it could be a very dangerous situation and anything could happen (we have heard it all) so our best advise is to not get into this situation but if you do, we suggest  that you anonymously call the front desk of the hotel and let them know what is going on in that room.
Another factor to be aware of (told by Mike Hunt) is that you are sized up the moment you call from the parking lot and say "I'm here" and exit your car. They are watching and sizing you up. They may tell you they are in Room 214 and as you head to that room you are sized up and if they feel you're a cop or someone not to be messed with you will be knocking on the door of a vacant room. Otherwise she will call you right back and say "OOps I meant Room 314" where you proceed to go get ripped-off.
Our most loyal viewers here are the scammers themselves. Until we removed our comment page, they would write themselves good reviews and bash the legit girls. We had to remove that page. They hate us. As you read this, they too are reading this and trying to stay one step ahead of us and changing their modis aperendi. They now search the web for websites of hot t-girls whose websites don't include their phone #'s on them and put a link to her website right on their ad, or they build fake free tumblr.com  websites using a girls name, her pictures but they will put their own phone # and will fool most of you.  This is the highest unreported crime in NJ. Nobody reports being ripped-off while soliciting a tranny and nobody tells their friends or dares even talk about it. Nobody fights back in fear of exposure to the police, newspaper etc...  Nobody reports it, nobody talks about it, nobody tells their friends nobody hears a peep about it and these people are making a fortune on this perfect crime, with zero repercussions..

***If you use fake and stolen pics and scam your clients, you should stay out of NJ because once we identify you, we expose you to the World (WideWeb)

504-534-8552 Two Girl Special Scam- Fakes pics of melyssa ford and

Emmanuel Camacho - Model Mayhem  (click on names)
Evy Bomb 650 437 6324 scam click here  click here  click here click here  stolen from bikini websites

872 666 1476 ts Logan 872 666 1476  is a total FRAUD using pics & videos from  http://www.misscjmiles.com/
some other identities this Fraud uses: 
click here to see all the identities  & pics they steal
         Ts Logan (www.misscjmiles.com) ts Megan, Mistress Amy Amour, 

Madam Electra Carres, kimmy (608)-561-7468
and Lily Thai - FAKE SCAM, RUN
347 664-8007 YasminElise scam
SCAM 347 664-8007 Scam ts YasminElise fraud using Fashion model Yasmin Gusmao's pictures stolen from the following websites: www.YasminGusmao.com

I have experienced and heard of so many stories about how people are scammed, robbed, intimidated and assaulted when trying to meet a shemale. Most guys who have an itch for a hot tranny, like myself is married or attached, basically straight,  not attracted to men, and discretion is a must. These scammers know this and use this to their advantage. My bad experience happened like this: I saw a hot transexual in an ad, the pictures were so sexy that I had to go see her and get a massage....

After arriving I knocked on the door and entered the room. The girl was basically hiding behind the door until I was all the way in and the door shut behind me. When I realized that the person was not the girl in the pictures I tried to leave but was accosted by an intimidating man who came from the bathroom. He demanded money for making an appt. and even though I was furious and ready to stand my ground, my wife and kids flashed before my eyes, and not wanting any trouble or exposure with them or the police, I gave them my money and was free to leave. Due to the nature of the visit I did not reported it. No one reports it, or breaths a word of it to anyone and by the end of the day they have basically extorted thousands of dollars with no repercussions  at all. They are here on a regular basis and therefore obviously making money and getting away with it. Be safe, use common sense, and report it to the front desk. This was only one of many scams you get sucked into. There are many scenarios.....
....give me the money for the room.... I'll be right back....
etc... etc...

 (872) 666-1476 Fraud uses CJ Miles pics and the girl below.. etc etc
We are currently working with a software company who is working on a search program similar to Tineye except our search results locate every single ad where a picture appears or ever appeared. We challenge you to compare our search results with Tineye.com or any other picture search software: Search the picture below with our software by clicking on it and count how many hits it gets. Then search it on Tineye and count the hits it gets. Better yet, click on any picture within this entire website and compare results to any picture search software. We hope to have this software available for your use in the near future.